10 Best Eco-Tourist Places in France to Enjoy Ecotourism in France

Are you seeking the best eco-tourist places in France to visit? This article will help you. We have already covered a complete France tour all over the side. Now, we bring a list of the best eco-tourist places in France for you.

France, one of the most visited nations in the world, is also a pioneer in eco-friendly vacations. Many of its areas have implemented sustainable tourism programs to protect the environment and promote local crafts and traditions.

The country has a long history and a diverse terrain. France is an excellent destination for ecotourism, which is not limited to tropical nations. Here are the 10 best eco-tourist places in France where ecotourism is at its peak to help you plan your next eco-tour.

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What is Ecotourism in France?

Ecotourism is popular all around the world. In France, sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly popular. Over the recent decade, the nation has seen significant growth in ecotourism. Ecotourism is a type of tourism that focuses on nature and the environment. This ethical tourism was established in France. So, the people understood that tourism did not only have positive impacts but also produced significant environmental harm.

List of the Best Eco-Tourist Places in France

Although the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are well-known landmarks in France. But there are hundreds of other excellent eco-tourist places in France to visit. Therefore, you should consider visiting them.

1) The French Riviera

Best Eco-tourist places in France

The French Riviera is one of the best eco-tourist places in France, with almost 5 million hashtags on Instagram. This place is more than just blue waves and picture-perfect towns. It is also one of the contemporary landmarks that encouraged France to begin investing in sustainability in the late twentieth century. Tourists who visit this wonderful location can wander through the lavender fields of Grasse, explore the medieval towns of Ze, or simply relax on one of its numerous beaches.

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2) Brittany

Best Eco-Tourist Places in France

The second most eco-tourist place in French is Brittany. The Green Destinations standard has recognised Brittany’s eco-tourism due to the region’s numerous recycling and energy-saving activities. Brittany is a fantastic destination to visit whether you have an interest in food, history, or even religious matters.

3) Mont-Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel

The Mont Saint-Michel with 577,517 hashtags on Instagram is the most eco-tourist place in France. Mont Saint-Michel, one of France’s most well-known attractions, has a distinct ambience created by its tiny lanes and antique buildings. Mont Saint-Michel, a popular pilgrimage and tourism destination, was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

4) Chamonix Mont Blanc

Best Eco-Tourist Places in France

You’ve surely heard that the Alps are the ideal winter escape, with their lovely log cabins, world-class skiing, and, apres-ski get-togethers. And, you can do all of that and more in the quaint alpine town of Chamonix Mont Blanc.

The valley includes more than 60 ski slopes for skiers of all abilities, from absolute novices to Olympic Medalists. If you choose to avoid the slopes, there are plenty of good scenes to see simply wandering about town or on the local train.

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5) Aiques Mortes

Aiques Mortes

While Provence has lavender-coloured meadows, Occitanie boasts pink-hued lakes! These salt lakes, known as the Salin d’Aigues-Mortes, produce over 500,000 tonnes of salt per year! The best way to see the lakes is on a train excursion, which lasts about an hour and circuits a few pink marshes before pausing for a panoramic photo op atop the hill.

6) Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy easily wins the title of the most beautiful alpine lake in the world because of its azure blue waters and wide breadth. It’s also one of the best eco-tourist places in France. The most popular town and village around the lake is Annecy, which is located on the northern shore.

The city of the same name is known for a variety of noteworthy historical structures, including a medieval castle and a palace in the city canal. Talloires, a lovely village with a historic monastery, is well worth seeing.

7) Cevennes

Best Eco-Tourist Places in France

The Cevennes are a mountain range in the Massif Central. The Cevennes region is known for its national park that spans approximately 4000 km2 and three departments. It’s a perfect eco-tourist place in France to visit.

Its landscapes are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is popular among canoeists and canyoners. It will also appeal to those interested in heritage or wine tourism.

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8) Ecrins National Park

National Park

The massif des Ecrins is located between the northern and southern Alps. It features 150 high mountain summits and 10,000 hectares of glaciers.

This maintained natural region is a popular summer destination for hikers who walk the legendary GR 54. The long hiking distance path which is designed for sports enthusiasts needs between 10 and 15 days to finish it.

Other hiking paths in the area include thematic treks that blend nature and history. The national park provides a variety of ecological, sports, cultural, and recreational opportunities around one of the park’s 60 lakes.

9) Palais Fontainebleau


One of France’s most beautiful royal palaces is Palais Fontainebleau. Many French kings, including Napoleon and Louis XIV, liked to stay there because of the palace’s lovely towers and exquisite architecture.

Speaking of French royalty, the palace has undergone several updates and improvements since it first opened in the 1100s. Before the subsequent architect arrived and added his touches, renowned architects from all across Europe constructed spacious courtyards, opulent galleries, stairs, and more.

The gorgeous, well-preserved scenery that surrounds this location will appeal to eco-friendly guests. They may observe the steps the nation has taken to decrease pollution to transform it into a beautiful paradise.

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10) Camargue


The Bouches-du-Rhone department’s delta area, Camargue, contains almost 500,000 Instagram hashtags. One of the oldest horse breeds remaining in existence, the Camargue is home to a unique type of white horse that goes by the name of the area. More than 400 different bird species, including herds of pink flamingos, may be seen in the Camargue.

Final Words on Best Eco-Tourist Places in France

So, these are all the best eco-tourist places in France in our opinion. If you have already made a trip to eco-tourist places in France, share your thoughts in the comments below. We hope you will like this article. And, please share it with others, so they can make their ecotourism trip special. That’s all for today, thanks for reading, and stay tuned with us for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there ecotourism in France?

The country has a rich history and a diverse terrain. France is an excellent country for ecotourism, which is not limited to tropical countries.

2) Where is ecotourism most popular?

Costa Rica is the country most connected with ecotourism. Experienced tourists like Costa Rica for its stunning and well-preserved natural beauty.

3) What is ecotourism in France?

Ecotourism originated in France because people understood that tourism did not only have good impacts but also created significant environmental degradation.

4) Why is France so sustainable?

France has reached a high level of living and quality of life as a result of comprehensive social security systems and universal access to healthcare and basic commodities and services.

5) What is France doing to save the environment?

A multiyear energy program was established in 2020, including a 10-year energy plan demanding that biogas contribute 7 to 10% of gas consumption by 2030.

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