11 Things to Avoid Doing In Germany for Tourists

We all like to travel at some point and also it helps in refreshing the mind. However, it is considered one of the best ways to get out of your boredom. Among various countries, there is one known as Germany, it is considered one of the best places to visit in Europe and also holds many tourist attractions. However, there are 11 things to avoid doing in Germany for tourists! I will discuss them below.

When we travel to unknown countries some difficulties take place. One of those major ones is language and in some places food. However, it is very important to understand the culture at the time you are planning to visit.

Therefore understanding the country rule you are travelling is equally important. Hence if you are the one planning to visit Germany then I will here let you check some key things to avoid doing in Germany so that you do not fall into any trouble.

Things to Avoid Doing In Germany for Tourists 

There is no doubt that foreign countries have strict rules and regulations like others. Hence it is our prime duty to undertake all of those whenever we are travelling.

But at some point, we get into our vacation mood so much that we do not remember anything. Therefore we make mistakes. But with me you will learn 11 things to avoid doing in Germany, so without any delay let us get started.

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1) Don’t Undergo Wrong Recycling

Many countries take recycling very seriously and one of those is Germany. However, at some point, people do not take concern about it and fall into trouble. Hence whenever we are travelling to any other country we must take account into all of its rules.

Germany follows some strict rules and one of those is concern about recycling. There are large dustbins, boxes, and bags placed in each house where people can throw garbage out of their houses. You are not allowed to throw any stuff anywhere, if you do so then you will become a part of a punishable act.

2) Jaywalk

A country like Germany has yet another strict rule in case of the traffic light. This means when the lights are red then it indicates that you have to stop. However people at the time of walking wait when there is a red signal and begin with when it becomes green. This 

is one of the major rules that is coming across many countries.

But do you know if you do not follow then you have to pay a €5 as a penalty? Therefore when you are visiting Germany you must take into account its traffic rules. You will end up paying a €5 fine which could be a huge amount as per your currency.

3) Show the Nazi Salute

Showing the Nazi salute or even the flag is prohibited in Germany. It is not only considered offensive but also illegal. So you must remember not to undergo any such activity that could spoil your vacation.

4) Throw out Bottles

One of the major concerns that many countries undertake is throwing out bottles. People often throw bottles around any corner. Hence this practice is not applicable in Germany.

However whenever you buy any bottle or drink then there is an addition of 25 cents per bottle to your bill. This means it will ensure that you can return the bottle to any of your nearest stores and take your money back.

5) Drive in the Middle Lane

If you want to experience something exciting then driving in the middle lane on the Autobahn is one of those. But it does come with strict rules. You need to drive within the limit defined and keep up the distance from running cars and trucks.

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6) Don’t be Late

Wasting people’s time is not a good habit, hence if you have scheduled any meeting then you must arrive on time. If you tend to reach late then you need to improve this habit. It is mainly because in Germany it is not acceptable. If you have an appointment then you must reach 10-15 minutes before your meeting.

Hence you must take account into what time you need to leave to arrive on time. Ensure to strictly follow this rule when you are in Germany.

7) Don’t Enter the Home with Shoes

You might be visiting for a trip or to meet any of your friends or family members. But it does not give you a sign to break all the rules. However, one of the most important that comes here is to remove shoes when entering the home. Most people in Germany do not wear shoes while entering the home. However, you can carry another shoe to enter the home keeping the one you were wearing outside.

8) Walking in Bicycle Lanes

Do not try to walk in bicycle lanes as you could come into a punishable act. However, it is not an offence but you can harm yourself or disturb the entire traffic. People in Germany at the time cycling did not want any sort of disturbance and hence did not get angry at the time they kept on ringing to remove you.

9) Do Not Try to Address Strangers with Their First Name

German people very well differentiate between formal and informal. Hence if you are meeting any new people then do not try to address them with their first name. It is always a good idea to address with surname as it comes out with more grace.

It shows that you are giving them respect and greeting them formally (until and unless you are not familiar with them or know them personally

10) Do Not Try to Get on Transport without a Ticket

Germany is known to have excellent public transport, but it does not mean that you will travel without a ticket. There are different transport like trains, buses, and subways to take you everywhere. But it does not mean that you will travel without a ticket. However, if you are found to travel without a ticket then you will be fine with €60.

11) Do Not Expect German People to speak English

English is one of the common languages that prevails in many countries. But still, some people do not know or understand it. One of the encounters that you can get is with German people. Do not think that they understand or speak. Some people do not understand hence you have to take care of it.

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There are different things to avoid doing in Germany that you need to keep in mind at the time you are travelling to Germany. However, above I have mentioned most of those. So if you are planning to visit Germany and when it is your first time then do take into account all of the above points. In this manner, you can easily enjoy your vacation and not end up spending too much fine.

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