Germany Tour Guide: 13 Coolest Things to Do in Germany

If you want to begin the exploration of the world then it is advisable that you begin it from Germany. You must be acquainted with the fact that it is the central and second most popular country in Europe right after Russia.

Not only the country is popular for its innovativeness along with a strong focus on trading, owing to globalization along with the growing competitiveness in global marketing but it is also famous for cathedrals, monuments, football, festivals, and carnivals.

Palaces and castles add extra grace to the place and its rich history is something that attracts a plethora of people from inside and outside the nation. Now, who isn’t aware of the past of Germany? But to gain deeper insights and peep into its past, you have to travel there and explore the land.

13 Coolest Things to Do in Germany

Which are the coolest things to do in Germany? If you are fond of adventurous sports then you can easily enjoy skiing and hiking in Germany and create unforgettable lifelong experiences.

1) Skiing in Oberstdorf

coolest things to do in Germany - Skiing in Oberstdorf

The ski resort at Oberstdorf is 80 miles away and offers an enthralling experience to ski lovers. It is the longest among Germany’s downhill slopes in the southeastern corner. In the Northern part of the Alps, you can enjoy skiing at Kanzelwand as well as Fellhorn. All you can do is, you can ski from Oberstdorf to Kleinwalsertal which is almost an hour of skiing. If you are fond of adventurous sports then you have much to do in Germany.

2) Sledging in Wallberg

Sledding in Wallberg

What is your favourite German pastime? So, come to Rodeln or Schlittenfahren which is sledging in the Winter. Germans are extremely fond of sledging and wherever there is snow they begin to sledge, be it with a modern one that is sleek or the traditional one that is made up of wood.

The southern part of Bavarian island constitutes the natural sled run which is the longest in the country, about 4 miles. You can also rent a sledge here. So, what are you waiting for?

3) Isar River and Log Rafting

River Isar originates in the Tyrol region, of Austria, and is the main river in Munich. Now spend your past time simply floating into the river. You can enjoy a traditional log ride from mid-May to mid-September. The crystal-clear water will soothe your mind and soul. You can definitely enjoy your leisurely log rafting with some melodious music.

4) Camping Under the Open Sky

portaledges - coolest things to do in Germany

Now you can easily spend a night under the open sky suspended from a tree in Germany. Camping is available in the Waldseilgarten Hollschlucht, an adventure resort situated in the Allgau region, a village of Pfronten, Germany. This is a part of Bavaria.  It is worth mentioning that the tensor is actually known as portaledges and is quite similar to the ones that are used by rock climbers to sleep during their long climbs. 

All you need to do is to climb up groups along with cables and have to build into the tree.  But when you reach the sleeping place you will be awestruck by the spectacular view of the Bavarian Alps.

5) Rügen’s Chalk Cliffs

Rügen’s Chalk Cliffs

Rügen is the largest island in Germany which is situated on the North Coast in the Baltic Sea and can be easily accessed from Berlin by a car ride or a train. Here you are going to find lighthouses and long beaches, with some rugged coastline, and hotels with excellent Wellness.  

You can also relax and enjoy the spa as well as sauna facilities. The natural lure is the biggest island here which is nearly 400 feet towering out of the Baltic sea. You can easily enjoy swimming here.

6) Fun in the Beach

Fun at Beach in Germany

The rugged terrain of North Sea Island located in Sylt contains some of the world’s most beautiful cold-watered beaches. The island is around 5 miles from the northwest coast of Germany. You can easily reach there by railway by travelling 3 hours from Hamburg to the main town of Sylt, Westerland.

Moreover, every year during the month of September, the world’s largest windsurfing competition is organised here popularly known as the PWA Windsurf World Cup.

7) Strolling Alongside the Murals of the Berlin Wall

Germany, Berlin, Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery, mural painting stock photo

In the German capital, you will find the remaining parts of the Berlin Wall in several places. But the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall stands out among the rest. You can take a walk along this 0.8-mile (1.3 km) stretch running parallel to the Spree River full of 100 murals.

Various international artists have created these murals after the fall of the Berlin Wall. One of the highlights of these murals is Dimitri Vrubel’s Bruderkuss which depicts a kiss between high-ranking East German leader Erich Honecker and popular Soviet politician Leonid Breschnew.

8) Enjoy Roller Skating Down Berlin’s Abandoned Airport 

Roller Skating Down Berlin’s Abandoned Airport 

Tempelhofer Feld is among the world’s largest urban open spaces. This is an abandoned airport which is a favourite among tourists. Roller skating, picnicking, kite flying, and windsurfing in this abandoned airport are some of the coolest things to do in Germany.  

9) Sip in Smoked Beer

Sip in Smoked Beer

Beer is quite popular in Germany, but in the town of Franconian in Bamberg, you will get a surprise! This old city district is regarded as a Unesco World Heritage Site because of small breweries, Rauchbier, partially-timbered taverns, and smoked beer. As per legend, Rauchbier came into existence by accident after a fire in a brewery. However, smoked beer soon became popular. When in Germany, enjoy a glass of smoked beer. You can test your taste buds with pork-filled roasted onion along with mashed potato and Rauchbier sauce.

10) Explore the Spa in the Black Forest

Friedrichsbad Spa

The Black Forest oozes curative mineral water which attracts wellness tourists across the world. Baden-Baden houses 12 hot springs producing nearly 211,340 gallons of water each day with temperatures of 68°C. While in Germany, you can surely take a dip at the Friedrichsbad Spa

11) Breakfast in the Beer Garden of Munich

beer garden in munich

You can enjoy a traditional breakfast in Munich. The breakfast includes a pretzel, a dollop of sweet mustard, 2 white sausages, and a glassful of Weissbier. You can enjoy this treat in any one of the beer gardens in Munich.

One thing you must remember is that the dish must be consumed before noon. There are plenty of open spaces and playgrounds in these gardens for children. Hence, you can come with your family as well to explore the Beer Gardens.

12) Exploring the German Wine Road

When in Germany, you can check out the German Wine Road for its fabulous scenic beauty. The Wine Road passes through Rhineland Palatinate (Which is Germany’s second-largest wine-producing region.) It is a 53-mile route starting from Bockenheim (South-Western Germany), snaking through the wine country to the French border.

13) Attend a Concert at Hamburg’s Splendid Concert Hall

Elbphilharmonie Plaza - Hamburg

You can catch a concert at Hamburg’s splendid concert hall. Just go through the list of events or programs to attend or explore the Elbphilharmonie Plaza to enjoy the views of the panoramic city landscape along the Elbe River. You will not get charged for visiting the open-air platform that wraps around the complete building.  

Overall, these are the coolest things to do in Germany. You may be thinking why visit Germany at all?

Why Visit Germany?

The industrially as well as technically rich country possesses mountain ranges,  rivers, the forests with two North Sea beaches. It is covered by the Alps in the South. The Baltic Sea and the North Sea are located in the North of the country. 

The land of panoramic beauty shares its borders with Denmark in the North, and the Czech Republic along with Poland to the East. Besides, Switzerland, as well as Australia, lies to its South, and the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg lie to its West. Its rich historical background dates over 2 millennia. It’s a country of the landscape.

The northern part of modern Germany has been inhabited by numerous tribes since the time of classical German antiquity. Its rich past attracts tourists from various parts of the world as the remains of the past are still alive in the form of tourist places in Germany. 

Once it was a central part of the Holy Roman Empire. Eventually, it witnessed the Napoleonic Wars with the disappearance of the Holy Roman Empire. Besides, the country was a part of World War I and later World War II.  From the Protestant movement to dictatorship, it reached the parliamentary republic.

Therefore, it can be said that to begin your exploration Germany can be a great choice. No matter whether you are a seeker of history or an admirer of art and culture, you will surely find Germany, a place to rejoice, rejuvenate and relax. Besides, you are also likely to do adventurous sports in Germany. Hence, it is a complete package. Come to Germany and lose yourself in the panoramic beauty, art, history, and of course adventurous sports. Explore the land and enjoy unforgettable natural experiences.

Despite this, the question might arise in your mind: what can you do in Germany? What places you can visit and of course what adventurous sports you can enjoy. Going through this blog for 5minuted will help you in accumulating insights to enjoy your holiday in Germany.

Here, we have shared a bonus!

Yes, we have hand-picked a few best places to visit in Germany along with the coolest things to do in Germany.

Best Places for Tourists to Visit in Germany

Germany has got something for everyone, from adventurous sports to monuments, museums to natural landscapes. In the below section, there are a few tourist spots discussed that you can explore.

Brandenburg Gate

While in Berlin, you can visit Brandenburg Gate; the most popular, recognised iconic places in Berlin. There is an entrance charge or time limit. Separated by the River Spree alongside Unter den Linden, the triumphal arch alongside the gate stands between the east and west parts of the city. There are three triumphal arches of which this is the first to be found in Berlin- the Victory Column, and the Brandenburg Gate itself. You can easily go to this place during your visit to Germany.

Königsse (King’s Lake)

The entrance charge is USD 13.09 per person and includes a 2-hour ride on a boat. The timing is from 8 am-5 pm for boat rides and is located in Bavaria.

Surrounded by mountains, located closer to the borders of Australia it is just one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and you can easily spend some quality time amid nature and simply being the pictorial beauty of the place. It is advisable to visit the place in summer. Its Scenic beauty has enabled it to secure the position of one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Germany.

Berlin’s Museum Island

Entrance charges USD 18.32 per person while the timing is 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day. The best time to visit this place is winter and summer. Museum Island is located in Berlin on an artificial lake and is a House of 5 Museums Mitte district of Berlin, the centre of the city. 

The place significantly reflects the art and culture of the country. The place portrays the beauty of neoclassical buildings along with various historical styles from 1900 to today, which has been potent enough to attract people from international borders. 

A wider range of subjects at displayed in the museum located at the Museum Island beginning with some music, fine art, archaeological history, Natural History, and many more.

The Rhine Valley

The Rhine Valley also falls under the category of the most popular tourist places where you can also visit.  There are no entry fees and time limits to visit the Rhine Valley located in Cologne. River Rhine Begins from the Swiss Alps and flows towards the North Sea Especially through Germany and France. 

The pictorial beauty of the Rhine Valley has been able to attract people from generation to generation.  the place also shares a rich history As it has been inhabited since the prehistoric days. Moreover, it was Christianised by Saint Boniface during the 8th century. 

Popularly known for its vineyards, wineries, Roman Catholic cathedrals, and castles the place is a must-visit in Germany. The castles of the medieval age are located on the Bank of Rhine Valley as an extra charm both to the history and panoramic view of the place.

Miniatur Wunderland

It is one of the most visited places in Germany and it will charge you USD 15. 71 per person. It remains open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM and is located in Hamburg and is the extensive model of world railway installation. The place is beautifully crafted with vehicles, trains, human figures, trees, and lights and is potent enough to leave you awestruck.  

It spreads over 16 square kilometres and is a 3D model containing 1600 tracks trains along with tracks travelling approx 4 metres underground.  It creates replicas of squares and streets and more than 5,000,000 postcards have been utilised to develop buildings to save space.  It is worth mentioning that Hanseatic trade relations have been provided with an attribute through this by a German company and this makes it. One of the must-visit places in Germany.

 The Black Forest

 Located at Wüttenberg there is no entrance charge or time limit to enter the Black Forest which is covered with continuous forest and fir trees. The park covers an area from the Rhine River in the north to the Swiss Alps in the South. 1859 square miles are covered by the Black Forest.  

The term the Black Forest has been taken from two old high German words where ‘bla’ means black and ‘wald’ means forest. The UNESCO-recognised heritage site is covered with forests and thick beaches. 

The climate is foggy and wet, filled with swamps of different types which is the fertile ground for mosquitoes breeding.  It is a mountainous region.  It’s a perfect place for hiking along with skiing in winter.  There are a number of waterways that include rivers that flow through this region.

Munich’s Marienplatz Square

The site is well known for its beer, Oktoberfest, along with its monuments offered to the famous one is Marienplatz Square. This was designed by Leo von Klenza but was remodelled by Friedrich von Gärtner in 1850. This is a centre of industrial works. The Squad was completely redesigned in 1996. There is no entrance charge or fixed time to visit it.

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Finally on Coolest Things to Do in Germany

Here the article concludes. So, if you are still wondering what to do in Germany, you have a list of the coolest things to do in Germany. Also, we have shared the best places to visit in Germany. 

No matter whether you are visiting Germany for the first time or not, you have a list of activities as well as places to go. These above-mentioned places are the most popular ones, liked by tourists. Whereas, the adventurous sport has been able to engage tourists’ attention to the place.

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