8 Best Places to Travel in Europe in Summer for That Wanderlust Soul

Europe is an all-time favourite travel destination for all. Especially in summer, the bright sunny days, blue clear sky, mild temperatures, empty trees, and dry roads are a traveller’s delight to enjoy nature the most. Many poets have described the beauty of Europe in their poems during summer. Hence, we thought of informing you about the best places to travel in Europe in the Summer.

According to a report from statista.com, more than 1.1 million Indians travelled to Europe in the year 2019 for travel purposes. This indicates that Indians like to travel to Europe at different times of the year. Not only for Indians, but Europe is also a favourite travel destination for travellers across the world. Read till the end to learn about the best countries to travel in Europe in Summer.

8 Best Places to Travel in Europe in Summer for an Amazing Holiday

1) Best Places to Travel in Europe in Summer: Spain

Spain Tourism

Every year millions of travellers travel to Spain during summer from various parts of the world. The temperature fluctuates between 30℃ to 37℃, which is perfect for sightseeing. June to September is the right time to enjoy Spain’s summer. So we have included this country in the list of best places to travel in Europe in Summer.

Scuba diving, sunbathing and La Tomatina Festival are something you must not miss if you travel to Spain in the summer. The culture and nature both are glorious and highly enjoyable these days.

If you travel to Spain during summer, the trip cost ranges between ₹70,000 to ₹1,00,000 (900-1400 USD), including flight fare per person.

Places to Visit in Spain:

Granada – The glorious past and enriching history will surely leave your jaw-dropped. Alhambra, Albaicín and Mirador of San Nicolas, Catedral Santa María de la Encarnación, and Monasterio de la Cartuja are exciting places to visit.

Barcelona – Barcelona is a city of art and architecture. Basílica de la Sagrada Família, Casa Milà, Palau de la Música Catalana, Casa Batllo etc. are some unique architecture which will amaze you.

Madrid – Madrid is the capital city of Spain which is famous for its football teams as well as historical monuments. Royal Palace de Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Plaza Mayor, El Retiro park are some must-visited places in Madrid.

2) Best Places to Travel in Europe in Summer – France

France tourism

France is also an elegant country to travel to in the Summer days. Almost everyone has wanted to travel to Disneyland since childhood. According to the United Nations, France has been the most popular travel destination globally for the last 25 years.

Travellers prefer to travel from March to June when the weather is best. The temperature lies between 12℃ to 20℃. Not only sightseeing, but you can also experience outdoor sports like the French Open, Paris Marathon, beaches, tropical carnival, and many more things. A package of France trips ranges between Rs. 60,000 to 1,50,000 (900-1600 USD).

Places to Visit in France:

Paris – Paris is a central hub of art, fashion, and culture. The well-known Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe are some places you should visit.

Provence – It is a city of the glamorous landscape from the Southern Alps and Camargue plains. If you travel to Provence, don’t miss the places like Saint-Paul de Vence, Quintessential Provence, Les Baux-de-Provence.

Menton – Menton is a city well known for its beautiful beaches and gardens with rear plants. The most-visited places in Menton are Promenade du Soleil, Jean Cocteau Museum, Serra de la Madone.

3) Italy

Italy - best places to visit in Europe in Summer

Italy is not only the desired travel destination but also the fantasy of travellers. Every year millions of people visit this country and enjoy it to the maximum. The architecture, rich culture, gondola ride in Venice are the main attractions of Italy.

Italy is considered one of the best places to travel in Europe in summer. The temperature differs from 14℃ to 25℃ in April to June. A trip to Italy costs as low as Rs. 60,000 (810 USD) and can go higher than your expenses.

Places to visit in Italy:

Rome – The architecture of Rome is older than others. The Pantheon, Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo National Museum, Roman Forum, etc., represent extensive history as well as art.

Venice – Gondola ride is popular and unique. Other than the gondola rides, some attractive places like St. Mark’s Basilica, the Rialto Bridge, and St. Mark’s Square are most visited.

Pisa – The excellent Romanesque architecture Leaning Tower is the top-rated visiting site. Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri, and Basilica Romanica di San Piero a Grado are also the most visited sites.

4) UK

The United Kingdom is a country with beautiful landscapes, full of greenery, and charming beaches. From April to June the weather is very delightful. The temperature fluctuates between 15℃ to 21℃ and travellers suggest visiting this time for pleasant climatic conditions.

You can also try awesome and different types of cuisine. A week tour package to the UK costs between Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 (1200-2100 USD) per person.

Places to Visit in the UK:

London – London is a hub of art, fashion, and architecture. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, British Museum, etc. are some most visited places in London.

Edinburgh – The hilly city which has medieval old remarkable architecture. Some are mentioned here. Edinburgh Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Princes Street, Scottish National Gallery, and Modern Art.

Manchester – The all-time favourite fashion destination for everyone in the world is Manchester. Some must-visit places are Manchester Cathedral, Art Gallery, Chinatown, Town Hall, and Heaton Park.

5) Best Travel Places in Europe in Summer – Greece

Best places to travel in Europe in Summer - Greece

Greece is a land of history, art, archaeology, and mythology with pretty coastal areas. So Greece is also one of the must-travel places in Europe in summer. The temperature of the months of summer is 25℃ to 30℃, which is a little higher but a likeable travel destination. Besides visiting tourist attractions, you can also enjoy trekking to Mount Olympus and exploring the Melissani Cave. A good trip to Greece costs Rs. 1,15,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 (1300-2700 USD) per person.

Places to Visit in Greece:

Athens – Athens is a city of Western Civilization with significant history. So the whole city consists of numerous antique things like the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, The Roman Library, etc.

Santorini – Other than archaeological sites, there is more to explore in Santorini. Fira, Oia, Caldera, Red Beach are some places the newlywed couples love to explore.

Mykonos – Mykonos is known for its cool bar, nightlife, and beaches. Platys Gialos Beach, Elina Beach, and Paradise Beach are must-travel destinations for every traveller.

6) Netherlands

Netherlands tourism

The Netherlands is a wonderland in itself; every year, more than 20 million travellers visit. The winter and autumn season is freezing and unpredictable, so the number of travellers increases during summer. So we have included the Netherlands in the list of best places to travel in Europe in the summer.

On average, the temperature fluctuates from 20℃ to 25℃, which is pretty similar to London. During Summer, the Dutch celebrate numerous festivals and carnivals during the months of summer. By visiting the places, you can also enjoy the Dutch culture and boat tour to Europort. The trip cost varies from person to person, ranging from Rs. 80,000 (1080 USD) to as high as your expenses will be.

Places to visit in the Netherlands:

Amsterdam – It is a well-known travel destination. You should visit the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Jordaan, and Vondel Park. These are some attractive tourist places in the Netherlands.

The Hague – The Hague is a city of many splendid museums and art galleries and numerous entertainment options. Escher in Het Paleis, The Knights’ Hall, the Louwman Museum, the Peace Palace, etc. are some interesting places you should visit.

Rotterdam – Rotterdam has countless tourist attractions. Laurenskerk, The Cube Houses, The Kinderdijk Windmills, and Rotterdam Zoo are some exciting places.

7) Best Places to Travel in Europe in Summer – Iceland

Iceland - Tourist Places in Europe

Almost throughout the year, except for the summer months, May to July, the temperature is less than 0℃. During Summer, the temperature increases up to 15℃, which is very delightful. In the list of best travel places in Europe in summer, Iceland is no doubt a good choice.

Hiking, Camping, Road-tripping, glacier hiking, and midnight sunrises and sunsets are the exciting stuff that only can be enjoyed during summer in Iceland. A 7 to 10-day trip to Iceland costs Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 (1400-2600 USD) per person.

Places to Visit in Iceland:

Reykjavík – The natural beauty is a very stunning and vibrantly coloured coastline. Hallgrímskirkja Church, Downtown Reykjavík, Harpa, Thermal Pools, Mount Esja, etc., are some interesting places you should visit.

Akureyri – The city is situated in the north of Iceland. You can enjoy some exciting places like Godafoss, Arctic Botanical Garden, Halidarfjall, etc.

Kopavogur – From thick ice to the long waterfall, the town is full of natural beauty. Some natural adventures are Lake Tjornin, Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon, Volcano, etc.

8) Switzerland

best travel places in Europe - Switzerland

Switzerland is known as ‘Tourist Paradise’ because of its natural wonders. The Mountain Alps is the greatest attraction of every tourist. There are countless things to do in Switzerland during summer like swimming, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, etc.

July to August, the daytime temperature lies between 18℃ to 28℃, which is the best time to enjoy and explore nature. So, we have included this country in the list of best places to travel in Europe in summer. The travel cost of a ten days tour costs Rs. 1,90,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 (2500-4500 USD) per person.

Places to visit in Switzerland:

Zurich – It is the economic and cultural hub of Switzerland. The main attractions of Zurich are Niederdorf, lake Zurich, Kunsthaus, Fraumunster, and Lindenhof.

Geneva – We also know this city for the headquarters of numerous multinational corporations and organizations. Geneva also has many tourist places which attract tourists from all over the world. These are Temple de Saint-Pierre, Parc de la Grange, Jardin Botanique, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Evian-les-Bains.

Lucerne – The biggest attraction of Lucerne is the mountain scenery. Three main mountains Mt. Rigi, Mt. Pilatus, and Mt. Titlis connect the city. Other than mountains there are some interesting places like Chapel Bridge, Old Town, Lake Lucerne, Spreuerbrücke, Lion Monument, Hofkirche, etc.

Final Words on Best Places to Travel in Europe in Summer

Europe is one of the best travel destinations in summer; the vibrant colours of nature and pleasant climatic conditions help travellers explore the maximum. Europe is situated slightly in the Northern Hemisphere, so only on summer days does temperature increase and nature explodes itself in its desired characteristics. Not only are tourist attractions, but you can also enjoy outdoor sports activities after the ice melts. We have just summarised the European countries and the places where you can spend your precious summer vacation. For more such travel-related exciting blogs, keep visiting Tourmantras.com.

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Best Places to Travel in Europe in Summer  FAQ

1) What is the right time to travel to Europe?

Summer is the best time to explore the best places to travel in Europe.

2) Which country has the worst weather in Europe?

Iceland has the worst weather because during winter temperature reduces very badly and almost the whole year a thick layer of cloud is covered.

3) Is Europe cold in the Summer?

No, Europe is mild to hot during the summer months. Some countries like Iceland can still be mildly cold but overall, most places offer decent weather for tourists.

4) What is the best month to visit Europe?

June to September is considered the best time to explore the best places to travel in Europe.

5) Which Country has the best climate in Europe?

Spain, France, Italy, and Greece are three countries where the seasons are very enjoyable, and the seasons are also enjoyable. These are some of the best places to travel in Europe in Summer.
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